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Every school-day afternoon in inner-city Jackson, Mississippi, eight third and fourth graders come together as the Poindexter Park After-School Club, to get encouragement and help with learning games, art projects, music composition, book club readings, homework, field trips, exercise, club chores, and much more.

Our club aims to be a safe haven for our children to practice getting great at reading, math, cooperation, and hope.

All is offered for free to the working parents of the children served. We are a non-profit community organization. Our Director is the always-inspiring Keyana Hawthorne. Our co-founders are Brad Pigott, a former Mississippi State Board of Education member and United States Attorney, and his wife Margaret Pigott, a veteran Jackson Public Schools teacher and librarian.

Please come check us out. We could use your help. Poindexter Park After-School Club, Inc., is a tax-exempt Mississippi corporation under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to us are therefore tax deductible.

Poindexter After-School Club Poindexter After-School Club Poindexter After-School Club Poindexter After-School Club

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